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November 13, 2017

Califonia :: Part Three

Sacramento Tower Bridge - February 16
Way back in February, I visited my sister and her family in Califonia. I posted about parts of the trip already, here and here. Pictures from the last two (full) days have been sitting on my computer waiting to be edited and shared. So here we go with the antepenultimate day. ;-)

Sacramento Tower Bridge - February 16
On day seven, my sister, the twins and I drove over to Sacramento. The kids were VERY excited about this yellow bridge over the Sacramento River. When we returned home in the evening, they wanted to go over it again, but that was out of the way for us. So I told them it was closed at night. Amazingly, they bought and there were no tears! ;-)

Old Sacramento Historic District - February 16
We arrived at Sacramento's old historic district just after it had rained, so I got a few dramatic shots like this. The buildings in that area are beautiful and interesting.

Old Sacramento Historic District - February 16
Another building in the historic district.

!927 Riverboat Sacramento - February 16
There is a 1927 riverboat moored by the old historic district - I think it's used as a hotel - it was beautiful. I am not super keen on water, but I braved my fear and went on board.

1927 Riverboat Sacramento - February 16
My sister taking pictures of the kids. I like the movement in the picture and the pops of yellow and neon pink. :-)

Old Sacramento Historic District - February 16
There were several old trains by the old historic district. What giant beasts!

California State Railroad Museum - February 16
We went to see the California State Railroad Museum right next to the historic district. Lots of different trains, old ones and new. Like this one from Germany. Much excitement about being allowed to sit in the driver's seat!

California State Railroad Museum - February 16
But most of all, there was excitement about playing with the Thomas the Tank Engine trains. They would happily have stayed there for ages! :-)

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