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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Thames Estuary View

At the weekend I was in Leigh-on-Sea a town about half an hour from here. It is right on the Thames Estuary. On the way to the station I had to stop and snap a couple of pictures. The one above is from the Saturday, even with the heavy November clouds the view was beautiful.

The colours remind me of a painting..or an artist.. can't think who, though...

On the Sunday, the sun was shining as I walked to the station and I took a picture from almost exactly the same spot. What a difference it made, the sky and water was so blue! My photo doesn't do it justice at all. And there was a beautiful golden glow from the sun getting ready to set.

Looking west, upstream towards London. I liked the contrast between the land and the shimmering water...

I am partial to a nice cloudscape. ;-)
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  1. These photos are wonderful, I miss my friends in the UK & the country. England has a special place in my heart. Love Michael Ball.


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