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Thursday, June 7, 2018

New York, Baby!

NYC books
Later this year, Tony and I are going to New York! It is our first holiday abroad since our honeymoon. Sure, we've visited my family in Denmark a bunch of times since, but it doesn't quite count as 'abroad'. ;-)

We are of course really excited; neither of us has been there before. Lots of research is going on! Although, I've had to ban myself from spending too much time (yet) on that, because I can get a wee bit obsessed. And there is still time to make lists and draw/print maps etc. It's half the fun of going somewhere!

But I would be grateful for some tips about what to see and where to eat. We will be staying in Bushwick in Brooklyn.

Are there any little known gems we shouldn't miss? In Brooklyn or Manhattan. Is it worth it to go on a day trip to New Jersey?

I can hear Tony groaning already, but I am going to drag him to craft/fabric shops (or park him outside with a book) - do you have any recommendations?

I would especially be grateful for tips about places to eat, because we have a bit of a challenge when it comes to that. As you have probably gathered from reading this blog, I am vegan. But Tony is pretty much as far away from vegan as you can get, he barely likes any vegetables! ;-)

So I'd be very interested in info about places where we can both eat. Inexpensive mainstream places that also have decent vegan options would probably be best.

And, randomly, what's your favourite thing to do in New York?

xo C

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