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October 3, 2006

Drawing is seeing

Most people who draw will have come across Betty Edwards' book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, maybe own a copy of it. I was walking home the other day and I started thinking about the title in English and the title in Danish, "At tegne er at se", which means 'drawing is to see'.

I kinda think that's a better title. Because that is what you must do in order to draw! Look, look, look and then look some more at whatever you are drawing! And I think if you can draw one thing, you can draw anything. Because it's *just* a question of seeing how different elements, lines and space, light and shadow relate to one another.

Atleast when it comes to dead objects. Drawing humans and animals feels different. To me, anyway. Maybe it's because I am used to being this moving being. And because I am so used to this "state", it is more difficult to see humans (or animals) in an objective, observing way.

I know what it *feels* like to be a human being, so I don't see other people as individuals, objects for drawing, but more as masses of the category "human".
I know what it's like to have arms and legs and ears. I know how it feels to bend my leg, but I'm less familiar with how it looks from different angles.

Don't know if this makes sense!?

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