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January 11, 2007

Another happy, beautiful book

Yes, another book! But it's because I'm not completely ready to show the projects I'm working on at the moment. I got this book along with the other Japanese one, and this one is also in Japanese. So not much luck in the reading department - but I got it for the pictures anyway. ;-)

It is full of pictures of ceramics from Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway. Don't ask me what the name of the book actually is (other than possibly Sugar Bowl, Creamer & Tea Pot, etc...), but here's the ISBN 4-86021-264-9.

Isn't this design wonderful? So simple and happy. But I'm a sucker for the pink-green combination, and throw in some flowers and I'm happy as can be!

It is funny to see all these cups and saucers etc, cause they are so very familiar to me. Even the ones I've not seen before. They remind me of things in my parents' and (mostly) my grandparents' homes. For example, the cup in the picture above, I'm pretty sure my (paternal) grandparents had. I'll have to take the book to Denmark next time and ask my parents...

I love the colours in the jam pots (I think they are) on the left in the picture above. I'm more of the bold colours kinda gal than the earth tones. Although they can be lovely too.
And aren't these fantastic?? I want them - I wonder if they're made in pink? Although I could happily settle with the green ones.

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