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January 16, 2007

More softies

I *heart* orange
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I'm taking a wee break from posting stuff on Etsy. I've been meaning to put stuff on there for ages! Now I'm working less, I finally have the time to do it. But boy, does it take ages! Or maybe it's just because I'm slow?

There's still loads I need to put in the shop, but you can go have a look now already: my Etsy shop. And pass on the link to anyone who might be interested! ;-)

This little one will be in the shop too. Although I almost can't part with her, she's so darn cute! I mean, just look at that hair! And I totally love the colours. Who would have thought that a dish towel could become something so adorable?! Love. That. Hair.

I made another one of those softies (I really! need to think of a name for them!) for a swap I'm participating in over on Swap-bot. It had to be made from something recycled, so I made it from one of my mum's old skirts. I think it turned out pretty darn cute too. I just hope the recipient likes it!
I *heart* pink

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