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January 31, 2007

Old paintings

I had a bit of tidy up of my things in my parents' loft and something I was looking through were some old paintings I've done years ago.

One of them is this old Berber (or maybe Tuareg...I can't remember) woman which I painted from a book. I think it's probably one of my best paintings ever. When it comes to portraits anyway. The face is so detailed, nice contrasts between light and dark areas. And I like the hood because it's so loose...

Unfortunately, the support has become damaged, and can't be saved, so the painting has to go the way of the bin. Along with some other, more or less finished, paintings.

It's funny to look at those paintings, how different they are! And it's kind of sad to have to throw them away. But I think my dad might just find a spot for a couple of them in their garage, like he's done with some other old paintings.

The rest of the old paintings are in this set on Flickr. Look for the ones called "Old painting - ".

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