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January 22, 2007


I often think that I could do a lot more stuff, but I don't.

Because: I spend ages and ages reading stuff or looking at stuff on this here internet-type thing. Especially reading blogs on Bloglines is so addictive, and convenient. All my favourite blogs (you guys rock!) in one place.

"Just another five minutes. I'm just gonna read another couple of blogs. I'm gonna read this blog and then I'm switching off."

Yeah right, and in the meantime the laundry piles up, the mess gets worse (how can this be if I'm not doing anything?!) and my crafty projects are neglected...

And this post isn't helping! Right! I'm switching off now! And you should too if you're even remotely like me.

Switch off.


Oh who am I kidding. I'm just going to read another couple of blogs, eh?

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