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February 3, 2007

Glansbilleder - wee pretty pictures

Aren't these just the most exquisite roses ever?! When I was going through some of my things in my parents' loft, I found an album with scraps (I believe this is what they are called in English...) which I used to collect when I was little. In Danish they are called 'glansbilleder', which would mean something like 'shiny pictures', probably because they are somewhat shiny... Some have texture and glitter as well.

I loved these ladies - how couldn't you?! So beautiful and elegant. I don't know if children (girls, really) still collect glansbilleder. Maybe they are too busy with their mobile phones...

I absolutely treasured the scraps, and I especially loved these gorgeous girls. Wouldn't you just love to have a dress like one of theirs?

A lot of the scraps are flowers or have a lot of flowers in them, like this one, or the one at the top of the post.

And some are from different countries, like Germany and Sweden. And this one is definitely German, because they use(d) to get these cones (with candy, I believe) for the first day of school. I remember seeing these cones in shops in Germany, while on holiday, when I was little. I wonder what the history of those cones is...

Anyone else familiar with glansbilleder/scraps? You can go on over to Flickr and take a look at the rest of the collection of glansbilleder.

And you can go read more about scraps. Apparently, they originated in Germany where bakers would use them to decorate cakes. This is done in Denmark to this day, but only for one particular kind of cake, honninghjerter (honey hearts). They are made traditionally in the town of Christiansfeld, which was founded by German Herrnhuters (you see how this makes sense, then, eh?) and usually decorated with a Father Christmas scrap.

I actually had no idea about the heritage of Christiansfeld - isn't it funny how sometimes you can learn things when you aren't even looking? ;-)

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