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February 21, 2007

Is it spring yet?

T-shirt with snowdrop
Originally uploaded by wardi.
Sometimes you'd certainly think so, it is so mild here (although not today, apparently it's colder than it has been of late.)

Anyway, what better way to greet spring than with this sweet t-shirt?

I designed it last year* and my mum has one of them and it is even. cuter. in. person. You can get it here.

*I was going to use the snow drop (along with 11 other flowers) for a calendar project I was working on, but then I couldn't decide on which flowers I wanted to use and so the project kinda screeched to a halt.

And later my computer started acting all funny like, so I decided to re-install the whole thing. Which meant that I lost the ability to use Illustrator (and Photoshop, but that's less of a loss, the Gimp rrrawks!), so now I can't finish the calendar project.

Actually, if you're reading this and know of a kick-ass FREE vector drawing program, like Illustrator, please let me know!

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