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February 10, 2007

Toaster embroidery

I made a blind contour drawing of our toaster over a year ago (really, that long?!!) and almost ever since I've had an idea to make it into a painting. It never happened.

But then, a couple of months ago, I had this idea: why not embroider it?! And so I did. And bloody hell, I'm so, so happy with it!

I want to do more! A whole series of kitchen appliances! And I actually already did something similar, but now I'm going to get serious about it. ;-)

I love making this sort of thing, I think there's far too few household appliances in art. Granted, some of them are not exactly eye candy, but we have a daily relationship with them, so I believe that they should be noticed somehow. And someone did design them, they are someone's creation too.

I mounted the toaster on a stretched canvas, and hopefully, I'll it up on the wall sometime. Or not, considering that it took us 18 months to get anything on our walls!

Or, I might sell it.. you never know...

Right, kettle, you're next!

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