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February 3, 2007

Uncomfortable fabric

Originally uploaded by wardi.
When we were in Denmark, I picked up some fabrics, and I had decided beforehand that I would get some that I wouldn't normally pick. I.e. fabrics which are not flowery and/or pink...

The bottom two in this picture are very far from what I would normally go for, especially the black and white one!

But the thing is, my stash of fabrics looks somewhat the same, so I wanted to shake it up a bit. Maybe I'll get some new inspiration, new energy.

I won't necessarily be using these 'uncomfortable' fabrics in every project or in large amounts. But just a little bit here and there... Thinking outside the box. ;-)

There are some more fabrics in this Flickr set. Oh, and do go check out the gull fabric, which is a remnant my mum gave me. She bought it in Skagen (a town in Denmark) while were there on holiday a few years ago. It's so cute!!!

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