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March 14, 2007

Happy Spring

Anyone else in a happy spring kind of mood? Since Saturday, the weather has been absolutely lovely here. Sunny and quite warm; you almost forget that it's only March. And where did February go?? It seems like it was January the other day!

The pictures above are two pictures I've done for my friend Sara. She lives in a wee, and rather drab, room and she was talking about getting something for her walls. So I'm surprising her with these two. I hope she likes them! I think I may have to make some for us as well, 'cause I really like them!

I cut out the tree silhouettes from black paper, glued them onto some heavy paper and then embroidered the words. I attached them to a piece of card with those corners you use for photos, and I'm going to send Sara some extra of those, so she can change the 'background' if she wants.

I really like the look (and feel!) of the embroidery on paper, but it does take a bit longer than embroidery on fabric, and there's no room for error! Kinda scary! ;-)

Happy Spring

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