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March 3, 2007

You know softies are hip...

When even the fashion designers start making them! Or, rather, designing them. I can't exactly imagine Christian Lacroix sitting in his sofa watching a film while stitching up a softie. Or maybe I just have a lack of imagination..?

It's cool that things like softies have become so popular, and maybe the fact that designers like these are designing them, will open people's eyes to the awesomeness of softies and the like.

However, I must say, I don't think these are particularly interesting examples of softie making, there are lots of lesser known crafters/designers out there who make softies whivh are a lot better.
Fashion Monsters by Christian Lacroix
Mona by Paco Rabanne

Pictures from Marie Claire Maison. The softies are available at Habitat as part of their VIP for kids range.

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