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May 29, 2007

Dreaming of brighter days

Can't take any pictures today, 'cause the weather is absolutely horrible: rain, rain, rain and more rain. Although it is interspersed with sunshine, it is too unreliable! So the wee crochet projects I've made in the last couple of days will have to wait.

Instead you get a picture from July last year. What you see is a part of Djursland (a part of Denmark). I took it just as the plane was coming down to land at Ã…rhus Airport. I'd like to be there right now...

I like being able to look out from the plane, so I'm always very adamant that I get a window seat. It's interesting to look at the world from above. I think you can learn a lot of things about a country by looking at it from a distance like that. Or at least imagine that you can read the landscape. Or something!

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