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June 26, 2007

Sketchbook cover

It's so cold here today! I'm actually wearing socks and a woolly cardigan! But I shouldn't really complain considering what's going on elsewhere in the country.

I made this new sketchbook cover today. The other one is starting to look a bit dirty around the edges from its very frequent use. But I can't use this new cover 'till I start a new sketchbook. That's the rule, and an incentive to use the 'old' sketchbook even more so I can start the new one!

Although it can be a bit daunting to start a new sketchbook; all those blank pages! But I usually get out my watercolours and splash some colour on random pages, just to break it in a little. Plus, I usually have a couple of lists to start - at the back of the book. Like things to do in Denmark or interesting books I take home from the library...

The zipper pocket on the front is very, very handy. The only thing I forget was to add a bookmark as well, this time. That was my plan, but I guess I forgot...

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