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July 8, 2007

Lars is Danish, actually

On a list of unlikely images on this blog, that one would be pretty high up! In case you don't know who that crazy looking chap is, it's Lars Ulrich, the drummer (stating the obvious, I suppose) of Metallica.

The reason for it being there is that Tony is at a Metallica concert in London this evening, and I'm home alone. That is so weird! Usually he picks me up from work and we go home to have food together. But it's all good.

I just spoke to him and it sounds like he's having a really good time. I'm so happy!! He wasn't going to go, but I kinda twisted his arm talked sense into him "you love Metallica, and when are you going to get the chance to see them again?! so you're going already!" I think he's happy he did.

And if he's happy, I'm happy. :-)

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