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August 3, 2007

Apparently, I rock!

That was a nice surprise today, on the very inspiring Susie's blog, to see that she thinks I'm a Rockin' Girl Blogger! Thank you, and right back at ya! :-)

Like her, I can't really believe that virtual strangers read this little blog... I doubt that many people I know in the flesh read it (if there are some, please say hi!), they aren't that much into all this crafty stuff. At least not enough to read me waffling on and on about it! So, yes...

Now I have to nominate five rockin' girl bloggers, although ONLY five?! There are so many!

Anyway! Here are five, randomly picked:

Theresa of Taste the Dew. Ok, I have to be honest, this one isn't random. Because Theresa is my friend and a lovely, wise person. And although we have never met, it kinda feels like we have; in any case we have exchanged physical mail, not just emails!

Rita Zepf of Textil Kunst. When reading blogs, it's just as much about the pictures as it is about the words (especially when it comes to craft blogs, eh?), so even if you don't understand a word of German, you can still get inspiration from this blog. So many cool finds of the textile/thread variety.

Mandy of Feltbug. She's fascinated with forms in the human body, like I am, but unlike me, she does something about it. It's so inspiring!

Helle of Gooseflesh. Helle makes the loveliest crocheted pieces inspired by coral and other things from the sea. She is also a fellow Dane, although she's lived in Australia so long I think she's probably more Australian than Danish(?)!

Christine of petal soft makes pretty embroideries and other things with interesting textures. Very different from the things I make, which makes it so great to look at!

I love the diversity of all the blogs I read. There are so many interesting things and topics in the world and I like how the blogs introduce me to so many different ideas and perspectives. It can get a little overwhelming at times, though, and then I just have to not read any blogs for a day or two. To clear my head and maybe actually get some crafting done, in stead of just gazing in awe at everyone else's gorgeous projects!

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