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August 19, 2007

PlushYou! softies

As promised, here are the three softies I'm sending off to PlushYou! Their 'species' is Quapo. Whatever that means. Well, it does mean something, but it's just kinda boring, so.. whatever.

It has actually been quite challenging to make these, despite having made some before. Because I have made them previously, I decided to use fabric that maybe I wouldn't normally pick as my first choice. The challenge then being to work with it so it turned into my kinda thing after all. And I think they have. But only after ripping out the decoration on a couple of them a few times. I wanted them to be just right. And they are. Last night when I had left them on the sofa they just looked so adorable, proper little characters!

I hope someone will love them just as much as I do and buy them. But even if no one buys them, they will still be loved (I think..!), because I've asked Sally, if they don't sell, if she could donate them to a children's' hospital or something like that.

This is Lilli Patches and she's made from some preloved fabric I bought when we were in Denmark in April. I almost didn't buy it, but I'm so glad I did, 'cause it's just perfect and sooooo cute with those bears in boats!

Next up is Amelie Florens. She is made from a tea towel! I love the muted colours of the stripes, so pretty.

Here is Tertia Fantine, made from a bandanna. I'm never going to use that sort of thing for a softie again! Because the fabric is so thin, it makes it really difficult to stuff evenly, so she does have a bit of a belly!

Please let me know what you think of them as I am a wee bit nervous about sending them off like this; maybe no one else will like 'em!

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