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September 26, 2007

IKEA & liquorice

We went to IKEA on Monday. Mainly so I could get the new catalogue. I don't know why, but I must have a proper catalogue to flick through. Maybe because it reminds me of Denmark, or atleast going to IKEA with my mum. We both love it (and so does my sister), in fact we are pretty much not allowed to go to IKEA without the other! ;-) In Denmark most households get the catalogue delivered automatically, but not so here. Or maybe we just live in the wrong area? Odd, really, considering that we live 5 minutes from the local one!

So I got my catalogue. And I can almost say that we didn't buy anything in IKEA; because Tony bought some french fries (which we cannot recommend, they are probably the most tasteless undercooked fries either of us has ever had. But what can you expect for 50p?). I got a lot more value for money with the bag of Malaco Salt Sill I got. Mmmm.. salty liquorice! The sweet English variety is nice, but proper liquorice has to be salty!

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