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September 1, 2007

The importance of doing nothing

Sometimes I feel like I have to create something whenever I'm not at work. Like on a Saturday like today. And some Saturdays I do make stuff. But it is a somewhat solitary thing to be doing as Tony can't take part, you know. So most Saturdays not much crafting takes place, apart from some crocheting or embroidering in front of the telly in the evening.

I used to get a bit stressed about this: "I have free time, I should make stuff!" But I've decided not to feel like that any more. Instead I'm going to be better at enjoying doing stuff with Tony. Even mundane things like doing the shopping, going to the library (ok, I don't really mind that. Hello craft books!) and even going to the gym.

Especially the last one is a wee bit tough. 'Wasting' an hour or so at the gym when I could be at home making something!? Hell no. But I want to look at it differently. I want to think of it as a time out of sorts. Where there aren't any distractions. Just time spent with my sweetie. I hope I can keep thinking like this! ;-)

Today we did exactly the things I've mentioned above. Had a bit of a lie in, then went shopping and to the library in the morning. Gym after lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon reading in the books from the library. I rarely spend the majority of an afternoon just reading. Maybe I should do it more often. I like curling up with a book and losing myself in it for hours.

I hope you're having a nice weekend. I'm going back to my book now! :-)

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