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October 30, 2007

Autumn - Pincushion challenge

Why I always wait 'till almost the 11th hour to finish the pincushion challenges, I shall never know. But there you go, it's finished. Or rather, they are finished, because I actually made 3 for this one! Of course, they are pretty much the same, but hey.

I wanted to make something a little less time consuming than the pincushions I normally make, so the things which make them autumn-y are the colours of the leaves and the back. To me, autumn is very much about colour and not so much to do with particular events. For example, being Danish, Halloween is not part of my traditions, so there's not the same associations as for some people.

I stamped the word for autumn in three different languages on the pincushions; English, Danish and Italian. Just because I wanted to do some stamping and add a wee bit of blue - because I autumn also makes me think of incredibly blue skies. Well, if I'm lucky. Rain and blue skies usually exclude one another, eh!?

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