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Monday, October 29, 2007

Mosaic Monday, October 29

1. Untitled, 2. Daruma Unazukin, 3. Red fancy yarn, 4. Red Thread, 5. Kup Kup Land Scenery 07, 6. gondola row, 7. window pain lace, 8. oblique banded sweetlips, 9. plastic religious icons, 10. threads, 11. i like orange, 12. Detail from my illustration " I fly over the rainy clouds", 13. dreamtree, 14. The Sleepy Dragonfly, 15. Friday was shopping day, 16. tomte 02007

Urgh, it feels like I'm not getting anything done lately. Like literally, I can't really pluck up the bother to make stuff. Not good. I have plenty of ideas, but the execution is very much lacking. I have some plans for stuff I want to do on the blog and some big projects I want to throw myself at. Just for once I'd like to make myself take on a long-term project and not have the enthusiasm fizzle out after a few days/weeks/months. It's all quick, instant gratification. Mostly, anyway. Hopefully, I can get a few bits done tomorrow on my day off. Oh my, do I ever need a day off.

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