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October 18, 2007

What were they thinking?!

It's proper cold here now; I had to wear my winter coat this morning - and my new mittens (!) so it's not so bad.. ;-)

Some random pages from my current sketchbook. Just because. I really like the colours in the one above.

And this picture just makes me smile. What that girl is wearing seems so ridiculous. But I do like the sleeves on her blouse.

Drawing of a man in a deck chair at the beach. I think he was Polish (East-European anyway) and he was there with his daughter and her boyfriend. Atleast that's what I think they were. They were all smoking and when they departed, they left behind a bag of rubbish. Nice, eh?

I like to keep the little stickers from fruit and veg. Don't know why. The fairtrade ones come from some bananas which Tony ate. I don't like bananas. In fact, I very much dislike them.

There are more sketchbook pages on Flickr.

Ok, I think it's time to go veg on the sofa with a blanket and a crochet project or something. ;-)

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