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November 3, 2007

Random pretty

Random pile of fabrics.

I've not had time to prepare this week's interview, so I'll have to postpone it for a couple of days. Boo! Sorry, guys.

Tonight we're going to Tony's sister's house for fireworks night. I'm looking forward to that. It feels like I've done nothing but work lately, so it's going to be nice to interact with non-work people. ;-) Plus Tony has made orange double chocolate brownies, which I'm sure are going to be a hit.

I've been hand-stitching this wee quilt in my lunch breaks over the last couple of weeks. Very relaxing. And I'm totally making the pattern up as I go along. You can't really see how pretty the pink stitches are on the green fabric, but I'm really loving that combination. Yeah, that's a shocker, me liking pink and green!

Have a lovely weekend!

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