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December 4, 2007


These are æbleskiver (literally 'apple slices') which is a Danish Christmas staple. They are a bit like pancakes, but balls cooked in a special pan. They are oh-so very lovely and yummy. We had them on Saturday, but I forgot to take a picture of them. So of course I was forced (I mean, the sacrifices I have to make for you lot!) to have some today so I could take a picture. There are no actual apple slices in them, unless you make them the old-fashioned way. There is a tiny bit of cardamom in them, but they are pretty flavour-less. Which is why you dip them in sugar, icing sugar or jam. And to be honest, it's best with all three at the same time! ;-)

If you would like to try making æbleskiver yourself, here's a website which will sell you all you need. Well, really you only need the special pan; I'm happy to share my recipe with anyone who wants it. You just have to promise me two things: you will only make æbleskiver during December and you will not eat it for breakfast (I really don't understand why you would do that anyway.) ;-)

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I'm feeling really proud of myself lately. I've been really good and unsubscribed from quite a few blogs and I'm also in the process of deleting some of the posts I've kept new. Because, honestly, when am I ever going to read all of it? Never, that's when. So many have already succumbed and more still will follow. It actually feels pretty good. All this digital pack-rattery can't be good for ya. ;-)

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