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December 23, 2007

From me to you

It's almost here and we're almost there. I do so love Christmas and this year is very special indeed. We will be spending it with my parents and my sister and her hubby. It's four years since I last spent Christmas with my sister and us four 'kids' have never celebrated Christmas together!

All the presents are made, wrapped and packed. Perhaps not surprisingly, we have one suitcase almost exclusively filled with Christmas presents. Now that's what I'm talking 'bout! I totally love all the secrets and surprises of Christmas. It's not so much the actual present, but whether you/I've managed to get the presents just right for the recipient. I especially love when it's something unexpected that they absolutely love. That's the best presents to give!

Thank you so much for stopping by here on whatever regular or irregular basis that you do so. And especially thank you to all the lovely ladies who've participated in the interviews. I'll be doing more next year - so please let me know if there's someone you think I should contact!

Alright, I hope everyone who reads this has a very happy, lovely and relaxing Christmas. I also hope you get some nice surprises under the tree and some lovely treats on the table.

x x x

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