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Monday, December 3, 2007

Mosaic Monday, December 3

1. Chinese Ornament, 2. Cactusrojo waiting to grow up, 3. Anemone necklace, 4. all new NOMs, 5. Caderno Pardo, 6. Rose Hips, late autumn, 7. FROHE WEIHNACHTEN***, 8. feeling festive, 9. candy canes, 10. ~ Gingerbread Men Ornaments ~, 11. Only 18 More Shopping Days Till Christmas, 12. peppermints

*** ***
Hmmm... do you ever get comments on your blog and you wonder: what the heck is the point of that one? Like one I got recently, it went something like this: "what you've done is cool, but I think you're silly for doing it and I think you should have done so and so in stead".

Weird, huh?

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