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January 14, 2008

Blog local - Monday

This then, is my first Blog Local post. These are pictures of our view. We only have windows on one side, so this is all we ever get to see. It's not terribly pretty, but I actually do find it interesting. Especially when the sun is shining because it creates all sorts of interesting shadows on the buildings.

Also the buildings on the right hand side in the picture above are kind of strange. It's like the architect couldn't make up his mind about how it should look, so he just took a few of his favourite styles and shook them all up. The buildings even have Doric pilasters, what on earth is the deal with that?

Hopefully, I should have some more out and about pictures for tomorrow; at the moment we have to stay in because we're waiting for a plumber to call so we can have our water boiler repaired. We've been without hot water since some time Thursday! Fingers crossed that we'll get it fixed today.

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