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January 16, 2008

Cha cha cha changes

I felt like a change, so I made a new banner. I might change it again, though, it feels a bit cold... And I changed the title of the blog. Not a major change, just to Carina's craftblog. It makes a bit more sense, I think. My name isn't Wardi, after all. ;-) So if you're reading this in Bloglines or similar, this blog will probably have moved places...


At the moment we have no hot water. It's been like this for almost a week now. Since last Thursday afternoon. An electrician came out on Friday, but said it was a problem with the pump, so he couldn't do anything, a plumber was needed. But no one could come out at the weekend, so we had to wait 'till Monday. Tony stayed home from work on Monday, but the insurance people called and said that they had given the details to the wrong contractor and now it was too late to find someone to come Monday.

So yesterday a plumber came but all he did was take down the details of the pump and then he buggered off. Today he came back and replaced the pump and for a couple of hours we had hot water. But perhaps that was just sitting in the pipes or something, because at the moment we have only freezing cold water. Hopefully, an electrician can come and check it (and fix it!) tonight. The insurance company that covers this sort of thing for us, is absolutely useless. They've given everyone the wrong bloody address so they've had to call us to find the right place. Tony's had to take today off work as well, so that't two days pretty much wasted on nothing. Bah.

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