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January 12, 2008

Contemporary granny blanket

I finished this baby blanket/afghan today. I really love it. I'm thinking that Tony and I should hurry up and produce some babies already, with the sole purpose of being able to wrap them in these soft lovelies. Although what to do with the wee ones once they outgrow the blankets, I really don't know. ;-)

I've decided that I'm going to put this blanket on Etsy. I'm still wondering what would be a fair price for it. Looking at similar type blankets on Etsy, there's a large jump in prices. Between $65 and $10 or something. How can you sell a hand crocheted blanket for $10?? That is ridiculous, you can barely buy the materials for that!

One thing that I've noticed is that a lot of the listings don't even include the kind of yarn used. And most of those which do, are made from some kind of acrylic yarn. Maybe I'm being a yarn snob, but using acrylic seems horrible to me. For so many reasons, but most importantly, because acrylic means it's man made and because, in my opinion, it's not even near as nice as cotton. Which is what I use for my blankets. It is so soft! Although a bit more expensive than the artificial stuff, so the price I end up with, will be on the pricier end. But then you get a pretty, and very unique, blanket in stead of those pastel horrors which there are too many of already.

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