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January 2, 2008

In focus

They're predicting 1-1½ inch of snow for tomorrow - maybe we'll wake up to prettiness like this we had last year in January? We shall see...

It seems like everyone is blogging about goals and resolutions for the new year. Do you have a resolution? I don't. Not a specific resolution, anyway. It's more of a theme that I want this year to be all about: Focus. There's not enough focus in my life, self-imposed focus, I mean. I seem to be just sort of drifting along. And while that is not bad (and kind of zen, right?), I think I need to direct myself a bit more.

Last night I looked up 'focus' in my thesaurus and that gave me something to think about. Three words in the definition for 'focus' were underlined (meaning that they are also in that thesaurus), so I looked those words up too. The first one is 'centre' which gave such results as: middle, core, hub, kernel, midpoint, nucleus and pivot. The second is 'concentrate' and here the results are: be engrossed in, put one's mind to, focus one's attention on, bring to bear, cluster, converge, accumulate and congregate. The third one was 'heart' and yielded these: nature, character, disposition, soul, temperament, courage, fortitude, purpose, resolution, core and quintessence.

I think those are all strong words and I want to use them to keep myself focussed on finding more focus (cheesy...). Some of the words speak more strongly to me than others, not entirely sure what they are saying yet, though. It's something I need to think about.

Actually, saying I haven't got a proper resolution isn't true, I have this: not to turn into a bridezilla at any point between now and September/October! We'll see how well that turns out! ;-)

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