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January 1, 2008

What did you get for Christmas?

Only fantastic things, I hope! Like he didn't get me enough jewellery already, Tony also gave me these über-cute earrings from Sudlow on Etsy.

My parents gave me some yarn, loads of sewing thread (yay!) and fabric in solid colours. Maybe that is a bit boring, but sometimes you just need a 'boring' fabric to really make other fabrics 'pop', right? My fabric drawer certainly looks very pretty now, with all those solids. Or maybe it's just because I had to tidy it to fit in the new fabrics!? ;-)

One present from my sister (+ BIL) revealed that she actually reads this blog (hej lille søster!), because they got me those awesome coasters that look like chocolate! And I hadn't mentioned them to anyone outside of this blog. Plus some really cute fabric and (I think) every size of bias tape maker. Which I have still to try - a project for next week, I think.

This awesome book I got from Tony's sister + family. It is brimming with fantastic drawings and sketches, I really can't wait to spend an afternoon poring over them all. More shots from it on Flickr.

The picture above shows a couple of other books I got. The Needle Crafter's Companion and Freeform Knitting and Crochet. I have a massive crochet project this year, and I'm hoping this book will give me a bit of inspiration for that. More about that later, though. ;-)

This Last year's loot also counts some DVDs (Frida, Basquiat, Was It Something I Said) a 6 months subscription to my favourite magazine (BoligLiv.dk), a pink craft/tool case and a self healing mat. In short, I'm a very spoiled and lucky gal! I hope you got prezzies as good as these too!

Right, 'nuff already with the showing off, it's time to hit the sofa and do some crochet - Tony's blanket won't make itself, now will it?! ;-)

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