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January 30, 2008

You make my day

A little while ago, Jenn gave me this award. So sweet of her! So I'm supposed to pass it on to 10 people who, in turn, make my day. And afterwards I'm gonna call my mum to hear about the English course she's started taking, but that's completely unrelated (except that on a lot of occasions my mum does make my day and I'm also awfully proud of her!), so back to the list we go!

Jenn herself deserves the award, she's so inspiring.
Jude's other blog, what if
my love for you is a stampede of horses
Susie Can Stitch
Christine Clemmensen
Make It
Planet June
Elsa Mora

Really, there should be hundreds on that list, but the rules say only 10, so there you go. Check out the blogroll if you fancy...

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