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February 23, 2008

Flowers in my parents' garden

Hey, we're back from Denmark. Sadly, as usual. But I might be going back there in a month's time; I'll telly you why in a sec. We had a great time. With my parents, with friends and just plain relaxing. Although we're both really knackered today and how can that be when we've been going to bed fairly early and not exerted ourselves at all!

The main thing we needed to do in Denmark was book things for the wedding, and the big things are sorted now: venue, hotel, music. We can't book the actual ceremony at the town hall in Århus yet, the earliest you can do that is 4 months prior to the wedding. Which in our case is: September 27. I'm soooo happy to finally have the date set! Now we can really get on with the planning and list-making and such!

Within the next 2-3 weeks we should send out the invites - at least to the English people, so they can book their flights etc. We've already started looking at the seating plan, which I guess is slightly silly seeing as the invitations haven't even gone out yet!

Anyway, the reason I might be going to Denmark at the beginning of April is that my mum is making my dress! One of my mum's 'class mates' in her English course knows a dress maker and she's going to ask her if she'll make a pattern for the dress, because my mum isn't a pro at that side of sewing. So fingers crossed that she can make that for the beginning of April, because I must admit that I'm getting a wee bit impatient for stuff to happen about the dress. As you can probably imagine. Tony is almost sorted, he's got a really great new suit, he just needs the shirt and tie. Oh yes, my dress is going to be red Thai silk (not sure if that's the name for it in English...), with black trim.

And now I think I'm going to go make some flower prototypes for my bouquet.

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