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February 11, 2008

New isn't always better

I think I've mentioned that I listen to Danish radio over the internet? Well, the other day DR (= Danmarks Radio) changed the look of their website, and not for the better, in my opinion. It feels really claustrophobic and that green colour is really overpowering. You'd think the news bit (white background) was important to them, but that green block on the right is just really distracting. Of course, this might be their intention, but then they might as well do away with the news all together. And the narrow green block to the left is absolutely horrendous, it's like it's added like an afterthought, squeeeezed in because they had nowhere else to put that content. Which would have worked a lot better if it had been put below the horizontal menu at the top. But of course they couldn't put that there because that's where the sub-menus go. I dunno, you'd expect the website of one of Denmark's largest TV/Radio stations to be better than that. Below is how it used to look - it's a screenshot taken via the internet archive, so it's not completely the way it looked like, but you get the idea. A lot cleaner and spacious.

Hm, rant over. ;-)

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