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March 25, 2008

Cracking Easter

I gave Tony an Easter egg, he cracked it before he even unwrapped it. Best way to do it too. But then the shiny paper revealed chocolate with a pretty print. I had to take a picture! Yesterday I gave him another egg because he so very badly wanted one that had a Doctor Who mug with it. It was half price at work and with my discount that made it very cheap indeed. No picture of that though, the egg is eaten and he took the mug to work this morning.

Here are a couple of new Happyscapes (IV + V). And I'm working on still more. It's funny how you can stumble upon something which suits you so well. I just love making these. The combinations of shapes and colours are endless and I love that. Actually, that reminds me of something 1900 says in the film about how he is finite, but what he can create is infinite. Or something to that effect. It's very moving, and I can't recommend that film enough!

Speaking of films, we watched Pan's Labyrinth on Sunday and I must say it was a disappointment. I'd heard so many nice things about it, so i thought I'd be brave and watch it after all because supposedly it was somewhat on the scary/sinister side. But either it wasn't, or that happened after I gave up on it and went to bed to read. And it was so slow! And I really don't mind slow films, but this was like watching paint dry. One thing which I liked was that it was in Spanish. I didn't know this beforehand, and I was really pleased to sit and listen to another language for a while.

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