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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Invigorating my activity

I've been doodling in my sketchbook. Which is really good! Because, to be honest, a lot of what is in my sketchbook is lists of things to do or remember, but not that many actual sketches. Maybe I should start calling it my listbook...

I'm currently reading a book about Matisse, and I think that's where the inspiration for all those colours above have come from. Not that I'm comparing my doodles with Matisse in any way, of course...

It's nice to just let your hand and mind wander on the pages. There are no rules! If you want to cover the page in colour, do that! If you want to stamp the pages, go right ahead! Heck, even cutting little windows in the pages is all good!

At least I think so. A sketchbook (sorry, listbook) is a playground, it should make you happy to play there. Glue in some pretty pictures or pictures of beautiful girls and draw moustaches on them. It's silly and fun! I'm sure it spills over into other areas of creativity (and life?) And don't for one minute think that you have to be able to draw to have a sketchbook, you don't have to be an artist to have a sketchbook. But I'm pretty sure that if you play in/with a sketchbook (or whatever you call it), then you are an artist.Yes, you. :-)

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