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March 12, 2008

Le Café, le soir

I got this book from the library yesterday and inside it I found that postcard. On the back of it it says:
Mi dear mither,
May there be many sunshiney, relaxed days ahead so you can enjoy this! And please can I come?
Happy (early/late) Mothers' Day
lots of love,
Ani xxoo
P.S. I couldn't find a card with tea on it, so had to go for a café instead. Though 'café at night' is a very unBritish notion - you'll just have to go to Europe to find it!
I love finding stuff like this! And unlike most people, I'm not just going to throw it away, I'm pasting it in my sketchbook. I like this sort of randomness and the way it connects people, although they don't know it. I wonder if 'mither' misses her postcard?

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