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March 26, 2008

Let's hope it's not hypergolic

Some more favourite words from Wordsmith.org

Acidulous. Somewhat sour in taste or in manner.
Caustic. 1. Capable of burning or corroding. 2. Highly critical; sarcastic.
Vitriolic. Extremely caustic; bitterly scathing.
Senectitude. Old age.
Transpontine. 1. Across the bridge. 2. Situated on the south side of the Thames River in London. 3. Melodramatic (alluding to the type of dramas once performed in theaters south of the Thames).
Facetiae. Witty or humorous remarks or writings.
Hypergolic. Igniting on contact.
Nonce. 1. The present or immediate occasion. 2. The time being.
Fustian. Bombastic: marked by pretentiousness or pomposity.
Abderian. Given to excessive or incessant laughter.
Nosism. The use of 'we' in referring to oneself.
Aliterate. One who is capable of reading but not interested in it.

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