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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Detour + London

We picked my mum up from Stansted airport on Friday and were supposed to have dinner in a restaurant close to where we live. But there was a lot of traffic on the motorway and we decided to take another way. Which we kind of knew, but had never driven before on our own. So it ended up involving a bit of a scenic detour and we decided to eat in a Harvester we came upon along the way. I had to take a couple of pictures because of the building it was in, so lovely with the old wood beams and stuff.

And how cosy is this little nook? The food wasn't that great (at least mine wasn't), but the place itself was really nice.

My mum and I went to London on Saturday and went to the V&A for a quick visit. Then afterwards we got on the wrong tube line, but it all worked out in the end because we got off at the next stop and we saw this guy! Why would there be a giant panda head in a tube station?

Once we got on the right tube we went to Paradise. Or it would be to anyone even remotely interested in fabrics and fashion and that sort of thing. We went to Joel and Son in Church Street. It is AMAZING! Floor to ceiling with bolts and bolts of fabric and lace in any pattern and colour you could possibly imagine. Let me just say this again: it is AMAZING! If you go to London you must go there. Even if you can't afford to buy anything; some of it is pretty pricey, but it is haute couture fabrics after all - and Supplier of Fabrics to the Queen. I could go on and on about this (did I mention it?) AMAZING place, but I'll stop myself so I don't bore you to death.

I can't possibly imagine why they would have this pipe smoking chap on the wall at Baker Street station. Any ideas? ;-)

In Oxford Street we had a slice of pizza each and I liked the bag they were in.

A shop window in Carnaby Street. Everyone's heard of Carnaby Street, haven't they? I never realised where it was before. I didn't miss anything, this was the high light...

In the windows at Liberty they had a teaser for the current exhibition at the V&A, China Design Now (which I really want to see). Several windows with plastic toys. All made in China.

Sooo many toys.

Even Jar Jar is made in China.

And a pretty neon sign.

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