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April 12, 2008

Light + blooms

The light was interesting yesterday morning. It made the yellow building look very yellow against the blue sky. I thought it was worth a photo...

Tony and I went for a walk this afternoon. And saw these pretty blooms. Definitely worth a photo! We had to cut the walk short because it started to thunder and rain. We got home just before the rain really started for realz.

It's my birthday soon. I like birthdays, even if they do mean I'm getting older. Oi. This year we're not going to Denmark for my birthday. I'm a bit sad about that, but we have to use most of our holiday for the wedding, so something had to give. It's going to be weird to not be with my family on my birthday, that's only happened a few times before.

Have any of you read the magazine called Artful Blogging? It looks very interesting and inspiring, but of course, there's nowhere in the immediate vicinity I can get my paws on it, so I can't tell for myself. And buying it directly from their website is out of the question. I can't justify the cost of the shipping. Even to me! ;-)

It might just be that I'm getting too little sleep lately (blame it on The Long Way Round being on so late in the evening!), but I'm just feeling really tired and not bothered. So I think I'm going to take a wee break from this internet lark. I'm going to focus on making some things and reading some books and then I'll be back full of spirit and crazy ideas.

Of course, now that I'm saying I'll take a break, I'll probably get my mojo back and start inundating you with posts. Wouldn't that be something! Right, I'm off to admire the third cake Tony has made today; for his colleagues on Monday when it's his last day.

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