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April 9, 2008

Rainbow + buttons + waves

Here's a current wip. I started it (late!) last night while watching an episode of The Long Way Round. Oi, the rough look really suits Ewan. *dreamy* ;-)

I made another pincushion! Actually, I made two, but the second one hasn't been stuffed yet. Maybe tomorrow. I'm still liking the look with the buttons. Obviously, otherwise I wouldn't have used them...

I finished Tony's blanket!! Meaning: I ran out of yarn. Still, it is usable and when we go to Denmark next I'll pick up some more of that yarn so I can finish it properly. It's quite amazing how differently two different batches of the same colour can turn out SO far apart. The two colours that are not variegated are supposed to be the same colour. How about that?! Anyway, I really like the randomness of the colours, it really is quite ocean-y, I think.

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