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April 4, 2008


Man, I'm pathetic. I get nothing done. This is pretty much the only thing I've got to show after almost a week off from work. Geeez. Happyscape VI is going in the shop once I can get a better picture of it. It's a lovely, lovely day today, but the sun makes the picture taking a wee bit difficult; clouds are better for taking this kind of pictures.

We've started making our invitations, I'll show you some pictures... later. But they are pretty much like the one I was playing around with here. Even got the rounded corners. Manually doing rounded corners, can you imagine that? But it just looks better and you have to suffer for beauty, right?

Ok, I've got that box with my gocco just sitting next to the sofa. I really, really want to just make something with it, but since you can only use the bulbs once, whatever I make has to count. I can't waste the bulbs! So my mind is working on something, something, something. So many ideas. I'm thinking doing something similar to these. I like herbs/plants, and especially the look of the registration (is that the right word..?) being slightly off.

Here's a blog called China Design Now at Liberty which features the artists from that exhibition at the V&A. I thought you might find it interesting.

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