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May 26, 2008


I love how Tony embraces some Danish traditions. Like when we got engaged (oh, how that phrase makes me groan; I can not refer to Tony as my fiancé. I just can't. But I digress.), he got a ring too. We wear them on our left hands and then when we get married, we'll swap them to our right hands. I will have only the one ring (as will he). For a little while I wasn't sure that I liked the fact that our rings are different. But then I realised that they are no less symbolic than if they had been the same design. We go together so well exactly because we are not the same.

So there we have it: Tony's long and slim hand with my short and chubby hand (with crazy colour nail varnish, oi). It's actually kinda funny; our rings are the same size! Same but different. It's been five years already. Here's to another 50 of same-y differentness. At least. Love you.

PS: In case you're curious about Tony's ring, it's a copy of a ring from Roman Iron Age found in Denmark.

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