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May 18, 2008

Clothesline = poverty?

I don't know if you're familiar with the blog called The Simple Dollar. It's very interesting and has very good advice on being frugal and other economical stuff. Good stuff, usually. The author, Trent, has a lot of interesting points and ideas.

But this recent post just completely threw me. It's incredibly bizarre. To be honest, I've never heard such hogwash. He and his wife would like to have a clothesline to dry their clothes ( a financial and environmentally good idea!), but they have decided not to because "Clotheslines are one of those items that are often associated with poverty and the appearance of such items gives an impression of poverty in our neighborhood" and "it’s not exactly something that will help everyone’s property values (including our own.)"

This is just about the strangest (and silliest) reasoning I've ever read. And I'm really surprised that he (of all people) would come to this conclusion, he seems like a clever chap.

Show of hands: do you think clothes lines are a sign of poverty?

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