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May 20, 2008

Gocco, first impressions

So. Gocco. It rocks. I already love it. It is just so amazing. I actually whooped when I peeled of that very first print; it's like bloody magic! And it's so easy, all that worrying I did... for nothing!

I made a drawing with the carbon-based biped pen that comes with the Gocco and then I set to work 'developing' the screen. It is really easy. One word of advice though, don't look down on the Gocco when you press it down with the bulbs in it, they give off a very bright light! Only briefly, you won't go blind, but it's not terribly pleasant.

I was going to do the print with black ink, but then I though, 'nah, I'm gonna go with red', and I'm so glad I did! Happy, happy red. :-) My first print was on a scrap of printer paper (moment of triumphant whooping!), then I grabbed a couple of pieces of watercolour paper, all turned out well, so I started to feel a little adventurous: small (up there) Moleskine cahier.

A large Moleskine cahier.

And a couple of pages from an old National Geographic. I have pulled out some different kinds of paper to try it out on that. This is soooo exciting. I want to print on everything! And I found out that, yes, you can paint over the print with watercolour: the possibilities are endless!

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