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May 16, 2008

I'm spoiled

This is what was the box from my sister. Just look at those pretty colours!

Rip paper, rip paper and what do you see? An issue of Cloth Paper Scissor, some foam stamp thingies which look very interesting (it's a bit hard to take a picture of, sorry), some pretty fabric, which I would never have picked, but absolutely love (this is what sister are for, right? knowing what we like even when we don't ourselves), some crochet hooks and a very short jacket type garment (that's the red, white and gold thing on the right). There was also 3 issues of Adorn in the parcel, but I actually paid for those myself, so that's not really a present, heh.

And then there was this beauty. I also bought this myself, but had it sent to my sister because having it sent to England would have cost me a fortune. Those are Star Wars stamps in case you hadn't guessed. I bought them last year; they celebrate 30 years of SW. Weeee!

Won't be getting to those emails tonight either. I'm going to have an early night, because today at work I was completely in a world of my own because I was so tired! Pathetic. ;-)

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