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May 14, 2008

Love yellow?!

A little while ago I ordered some more gocco supplies and today they arrived. Yay! They are not that interesting in themselves, but just look at these little extras that Leslie (from a little goodness on Etsy) sent along too. Japanese sweets! And I'm not completely sure, but I think the card might be gocco'ed...

But these little paper bags. They are just killing me, so so pretty. And it's weird, because I'm not really a yellow lover. What gives!? Preeeetty!

And speaking of that gocco, when am I ever going to actually use it?! I don't know. I really, really want to, but I think I'm scared that I'll mess it up and waste the bulbs (which you can only use once)! I don't like this kind of... fear. And I don't like being precious with my materials. They can't possibly be worth more unused than whatever work I do with them and the experience I gain from it. Even if I 'fail'. Maybe I just need to Get Over It and Give It A Go! Oi.

I told Tony that I HAVE TO use it before we go to Denmark at the end of this month. After all, it was a birthday present from my parents and I want to give them something I made with it. Feel free to bug me about it too. ;-)

Anyway, I love postal ephemera. Stamps of course, but not just. It's the whole thing, air mail stickers, customs declarations and what not.

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