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May 14, 2008

My wonky willage

I told you I've had little houses on my mind lately. I finally got round to making some today. And these are really small, the length of my hand (I have very small hands). You can probably guess that there are only six houses in this wonky willage; you're just seeing both sides of the houses. And yes, they are meant to be wonky. I still need to sew them together at the bottom, but apart from that they are done and I just wanted to let them loose on the world. Heh. If you want to see better pictures of them, they are over on Flickr: top row + bottom row.

I just realised that tomorrow it's two years since I started this blog (after a false start on wordpress), but I've been blogging for longer than that. I think I started my first blog in... 2003. Blimey. I kept my other blog alongside this one for a few months, but then the crafting sorta took over and here we are two years later. :-)

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